Raspberry Pi

Windows IOT WiFi Problems

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The SD card on my RPi 3 running my TravelInfo app on Windows IOT died. I thought that it would be easy enough to get it all back up and running. I downloaded and installed the latest version of Windows IOT (10.0.15063.608) and published my project onto it. Everything seemed fine and the app seemed […]


Bee Detection with a Raspberry Pi

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All code can be found on GitHub A student was doing a research project that involved counting bees as they ate sugar solution contained in a small dish sitting above certain plants. The object was to see which plants they were attracted to. This involved counting them as they approached the dish. This is a […]

Darwin API

London Travel Information

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All code for this project is on GitHub. As a London commuter, I need to know how the trains, buses and tubes are running in the morning. As a Microsoft developer I was also interested in trying Windows IOT. I therefore decided to do a project in C# and XAML to solve this problem. I […]